has anyone graduated from or is a current student at ambria(chicago area)?

  1. Hi, I am applying to Ambria because i basically don't have time to wait to get into CC or the time/money to get into BSN program. I am a career changer and need to be employed in new "career" within a year so ambria will be able to do that for me. I am really happy that I would be able to bridge to rn after that. I found Ambria online and have all the prereqs done, did well on teas and have been told I would be accepted into school. I have NOT filled out my application yet because I am still unsure. I am having second thoughts because I have been reading some alarming reviews. PLEASE if there is anyone who graduated from there or is a current student would you give me your honest opinion. I basically have just enough money to pay tuition and keep myself afloat for the next year but not much more. i am willing to pm or talk on the phone, whatever is most comfortable. thank you for any information. ps. i have read information about ambria on this site but its so mixed. thank you.
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    Moved to Illinois State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    I attend this school and am currently in the LPN program. In my honest opinion I wish I would have picked a different school. I feel as if they pick pocket you for everything. It's quite ridiculous. The passing is 80% most schools are 75%, they claim that they offer classes in the evening and morning, However last semester they were only overing a certain class in the morning, due to the lack of registered students and teachers. I would save my time and money and choose wisely. I have already invested time And money into this school So I am stuck till I finish.