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  1. 0 anyone applying to harper's ADN program for the spring 2010 start?
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    I applied for the 2009 program.
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    Right now I am taking pre reqs at harper for nursing. However, I had no idea that it was so difficult to get into any nursing adn programs at any of the community colleges...i have been stressing out every day, and its really starting to affect my health. i will be attempting to apply for the spring 2010 nursing program after completing physiology in the summer, and taking my nln (which im also freaked out for!) My backups are oakton community college and college of lake county...if none of those work i will probably get a phlebotomy certificate to go with my cna and go from there...any suggestions? im so lost.
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    I applied for spring 2010 start! I just handed in my application, I heard they will start reviewing them on th 18th. I really hope I get in! Advice for previous post, study and do well in the pre reqs, and I recommend a study guide for the NLN. I'm going to be selling my study guides if ur interested. Let me know.
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    I currently do not have any college- I want to obtain my Assoc, in Nursing- just applied for CNA training first- how long will it take to get all of my pre reqs at Harper..

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