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I applied for Harper College RN for Fall 2013. Although a decision will not be made until sometimes in April, I am stressing out because I am not sure if my NLN score is high enough. I have an 88 percentile for composite, and if... Read More

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    I'm finishing up my 1st year at Harper. A few things you should know:

    1). You only get to choose your classes and clinicals first semester. You will be at their mercy thereafter.

    2). Getting in is easy. I had the full 90 points. I am happy to get Bs and Cs and was only 1 of 3 to land an A in patho and I think that was an easy class.

    3). Med surg will kick your ass so hard you will wonder why you decided to go to nursing school to begin with.

    4). Find a core group of friends and support each other but don't hesitate to slough of the lazy and dumb students you will encounter. They will only drag you under the water with them.

    5). Dedicate yourself to studying but don't over study because you will burn yourself out. Remember to laugh and push through the pain.

    6). It gets better and every 4th semester I talk to says everything finally came together by mid 3rd semester.

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    Thanks for the advice Mernah. I'm so nervous because of all the horror stories I've heard of. Congrats on finishing your first year. As the days go by the more nervous I get. I worked so hard to get in I don't want to fail. I also heard patho is the hardest class first semester.
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    Ive already taken my NLN in march 7th i scored in te 81 percentile i definaty didnt do as goo in the verbal section
    So far i have 25 pnts from my nln 10 from micro bio
    And finishing up anatomy with a B which is 15 more points
    so i have 50 points ending this semester an im taking physio over the summer
    Hoping i earn an A thats about 70 points?? Is it a must for me to score higher on the nln verbal portion?? English is a weak subject for me !

    Thank you in advance
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    That's a good score so far but u can't get less than a B in physiology and you will be fine. I think 55 and higher you have a good chance on getting in. So I would just focus on that. You can do it.
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    Thank you for all the info !! good luck in the program!
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    Thank you����
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    Orientation dates are out guys. I'm going on the 18th.
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    Hello, has anyone applied for spring 2014?
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    mernah....Hi, I just came across your post....since you got an A in Patho, please share with all of us "newbies" how did you study for the tests... any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Hey everyone! For those of you who have gotten into the program, what was the total points you guys had to get in? What did most people have ?? Thanks, just wondering! (::

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