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Does/did anyone go through their nursing program???? If so I was wondering what your NLN score was, how long it took you to complete it and what your schedule looked like while you were there :)... Read More

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    is anyone in the program already? i know its gonna be really tough and alot of work because i was in a nursing program before and expect a very heavy load..however i was wondering if there are alot of really mean teachers! i went to a school where i had 4 teachers that were brutal and awful to me and other students. I cried almost every clinical because I was always put down and yelled at..
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    I just got into the program for Fall 2009. I am very happy but at the same time I am scared because I heard its a very inetense program!
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    I'm doing pre-reqs at Harper now....I had a friend who spoke withthe instrutors and had an override so she could take anatomy and physiology at the same time so she could apply quicker....she was going nuts with all the work though....Just thought you should know its an option.
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    do they have lpn-rn program?
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    no they do not currently....
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    Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew if a CMA certificate is enough for Harpers nursing program? I know they ask for a CNA but I am already a CMA and would hate to have to take the CNA now. I have quite the road ahead of me to get into the nursing program but I am determined! One step at a time!