Governors State Bachelors to BSN - any good? Governors State Bachelors to BSN - any good? | allnurses

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Governors State Bachelors to BSN - any good?

  1. 0 Hello! I am new to the forum and had a question: I currently hold a bachelors degree and am considering a BSN in Nursing at GSU. Has anyone here attended or know someone who attended GSU's nursing program? The tuition seems reasonable and to be honest, that's pretty attractive compared to a $30K tuition/year at DePaul. However, I am also looking for a quality program.

    I personally don't know anything about the school, but I don't live too far from it, so was wondering. Am also considering Lewis University in Romeoville or St. Xavier in Chicago (but again, $26,000/year).

    Thank you in advance for your comments. I appreciate all your help!
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    I would double check. The last time I thought it was only for RN to BSN. If you find out, let me know because I applied to chicago state university because of it. I would check there also. A second degree like myself they waived all the general ed classes. Just make sure your science courses are up to date - no more than 5 years. Not in the program yet- they start in the spring semester. In fall, I will be taking some bridge course that will help me to apply. Apply to university get accepted and then go talk to an advisor
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    Thanks. I am leaning toward Lewis, but still in the infancy stage!