Florida to Chicago: Where to begin???

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm really in need of some guidance. In fact, I feel stuck right now where I am and could use some advice! Currently, I live in south Florida and work as a full-time RN case manager for a hospice company. I love hospice work, but I HATE Florida with a passion. I came down here 3 years ago for family reasons, and now I feel like I will never move back up north. I lived in Chicago for 5 years around 10 years ago, I am originally from the midwest, and I really want to move back!! I've tried applying for nursing jobs in Chicago, but I get replies that say, "You are in Florida, this job is in Chicago..." :icon_roll Does anyone have any suggestions on how I would go about getting back home?? I feel like I'd have to have a job lined up first before I made a move. Any replies would be much appreciated!!!
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  3. by   patientlywaiting2008
    Hi Comfortrn,

    You should apply for your IL license first, so you have that in hand when you apply for jobs in that state. A lot of facilities are reluctant to consider you if you don't have a license for that state already since there can be quite a delay before you can start working. I am currently in the process of obtaining an IL license and it has been frustrating. I downloaded the application packet and followed the instructions and hope that I did it correctly. I have been unable to get anyone at the department to pick up the phone. They did send me a letter stating that they have received my application, but that's it so far. They do offer a temporary permit that is good for six months during which time you can work on getting all the other papers together to get your endorsement. According to their website they will issue the permit within two weeks of receipt of application. I hope this helps.