Evening/Weekend Nursing Programs in Illinois/Chicago area? Evening/Weekend Nursing Programs in Illinois/Chicago area? | allnurses

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Evening/Weekend Nursing Programs in Illinois/Chicago area?

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    I have been having a hard time finding a nursing program in the suburban Chicago area that is either full or part time, but on nights/weekends? I work part-time and have kids, so an evening or weekend is the only thing I would be able to do. I would need an Associates or Bachelor's program, as I don't have a Bachelor's degree, nor am I an RN, so I wouldn't be able to do any of the accelerated programs that require prior degrees. Any information helps! Thanks!
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    Moved to IL Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Joliet Junior College has an evening associate's program. But you must live in district to be accepted. You will find that is the case with most community colleges. Good luck!
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    Resurrection University has an evening/weekend BSN that is completed in 5 semesters. Right now they are in Oak Park but will be moving to Chicago in January 2013. Their URL is resu.edu

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