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Hello - I am starting the ECC program in August. Can anyone offer any feedback or advice for a new student in this program. Thanks.... Read More

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    I have been accepted into the Spring 2012 program! Yay! Just wondering if anyone knows what hours I will be in class and clinicals and what hours I will be able to work? I need to tell my boss when I will be available. Thanks!

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    I graduated from ECC's nursing program this past May. I absolutely loved the program, although it was VERY hard. They really do a great job at preparing you for the NCLEX. If you have any specific questions I'd love to answer them...just send me a pm
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    I'm currently in ECC nursing program. I'm in 3rd semester right now. We are almost done with the 3rd semester (one more exam - final exam!).
    The schedule really depends on the class that you will be registering in Lecture class is 3 hours a day. So it's 6 lecture hours for your Nursing fundamentals class. YOu will also have a Pharmacology class which is 2.5 hours once a week. Then, you will have a lab/clinicals for 6 hours once a week. So total hours - 5.5 hours lecture and 6 hours lab per week. You are pretty much going to school 3 days lecture and 1 day clinical/lab. 4 days a week. Plus, you have to practice for your skills validations. I can say, you will be pretty much in school everyday. That's for the first semester. The load gets lighter (hours-wise) starting second semester because the content is much more harder. ECC really prepares you for the nclex because we take the HESI exam every after class (final exam). I agree with JessRN6896. The program is not easy. You have to really focus and study hard. Good luck to you! You can send me a message if you have any other questions.

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