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  1. Are there any current students of ECPI in greenville sc? I start the program in November and I would like to know what to expect?? And maybe find someone who will be starting the program along with me..or someone who has graduated the program, i hear so many mixed review about the school, but any truthful info will help. Thanks so much!! VERY NERVOUS!! Missy D
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  3. by   tiajon4739
    Hello Missy D. I am currently a student here. I will graduate December 16th 2011 from the LPN program. I understand your nervous feeling because I felt the same thing. Let me first start off by telling you that all experiences will be what you make it. This school is the best school so far that will get you straight thru the LPN program the fastest without a wait list. We go straight thru with no breaks. The classes are 5 week terms and are very demanding. The classes do no transfer over into other programs because this is a diploma school. That means that if you want to continue on and further your education your license will get you in the door but classes wont move school to school. In order to make it thru the terms you will need to be focused and really know you want this because of the fast pace. Many times finances can become an issue for many students becasue we have to quit jobs or cut back on hours to be in school. There are tests every week and projects and clinical hours. At time you will feel like your brain is on overload, but that feeling will pass when you realize that you actually did retain the infomation somehow. Remember to keep a hobby that will relieve stress and when you come to class, make sure you find a group of reliable people to study with so you can encourage eachother... you all will need it. As everyone has heard, anything worth anything is gonna take work, and this is no different. Congrats on your acceptance and I should see you around for a month while Im here. Ill be glad to be of any assistance I can be for you.
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    thank u sooo much for the wonderful advice!! This helped a lot?? What time were your clinicals and how was your clincal experience?? And Congrats to you for graduating in December!!! Thanks again!!
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    My clinicals have been 6:30 am to as late as 4 pm. I have had to go to Inman, Sc and Spartanburg Sc and Union SC and a few in greenville. Some clinicals have been great and others a complete waste. The great ones were when I actually got to do the things we learned about in class.
  6. by   MissyD2011
    oh okay!!! thannks so much!!