Do you work at Mount Sinai Med. Ctr in Chicago? Tell me about it!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am hoping to relocate to the Chicago area within the next few months. I have an appointment with HR at Mount Sinai Medical Center to discuss potential employment in the next few weeks.

    Do any of you work here?

    If so, I am looking for whatever information you can offer me, that I can't find on the internet.

    -Do you like your coworkers, manager, etc?
    -What is the area like around the hospital?
    -How is the acuity/patient population?
    -Would you recommend this hospital to a colleague?

    Any and all information is appreciated. Considering the economy and the state of nursing/employment, I am thankful even for the potential interview!

    Many thanks,
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  3. by   livingthedream
    the neighborhood is not very safe, you will need a car to get to and from work. And my friend worked there and did not like it, she quit and went somewhere else.

    You have to realize that sometimes, the same hospital can have very different cultures on each and every floor. I would go to the interview and see how you feel about it, it may be a perfect fit!

    good luck
  4. by   RNcDreams
    I figured that. I knew the area wasn't too hot, but I think it will be a good experience at least to interview.

    I did get a call today from Loyola for an interview as well! I understand that's in Maywood-- any thoughts on that? I'll of course search the other threads, too.

  5. by   livingthedream
    I did a rotation at Loyola and at Sinai. I would work at Loyola. I was on a peds floor and really enjoyed it. But again, this is me..... and every floor is different... I have heard different things about other floors....

    The local cardinal gets his cancer treatment at loyola - a significant drive from where he lives in the city to get there - and about 8 closer hospitals....
  6. by   RNcDreams
    I do intend to live somewhere in the city, because I've never had that experience. I'm ok with using the commuter rail (which is your "Metra", right?) if it's possible. I do have a car and can arrange for that if need be.

    It looks like a HUGE facility, though... which generally means more opportunities to advance!

    How long would it take you to get there from.. say.... Bucktown, Wicker Park, etc?

    You are being very helpful, thanks a bunch!!
  7. by   livingthedream
    no problem. You will need a car to get to loyola too. I don't live in wicker park or bucktown, so I cannot say what their traffic is like. But from where I live (north side of the city) I am about 5 min from Lakeshore drive. For me to get to clinicals I would leave at about 615am go down LSD to 290 and then take that to 1st ave and get off to get their by 700am. the traffic here is really NICE at 6am... but that is ONLY because I am going on basically expressways the ENTIRE trip. Give me a few miles of stoplights and stop signs and two lane traffic with some idiot cabbie in front of me, and now that 30 min is more like an hour. And don't even start about when it snows..... people act like they have never seen snow... so you need to add 20/30 min for that.

    I would get the job and then get the place to live.... living in the city is great, but you may want to ask around where folks live before you sign something... traffic can really make or break you here. I have a friend that is a realtor (no fee to you) that can help with apts. (he is 27 y.o. and knows fun places that will be easy to get to work).
  8. by   livingthedream
    oh, and I too take the train and bus system all the time, but I don't think there would be an easy way to get to loyola... and you could with sinai, but if you get off late, its dangerous.

    and I don't live in a really safe place, and I would not catch the bus there.
  9. by   RNcDreams
    Hmmm... I'm not sure how to approach it. The Loyola website claims you can get there via Public Transportation.. I'll have to look into it.

    I believe the position was for three 12's, so it's not big deal since I'd only have to deal with it 3 times a week.

    I don't mind a bit of a commute if the trade off is a great experience at a teaching facility. That's what I'm looking for!
  10. by   livingthedream
    I am sure you CAN get their via public trans... however, its all about time. I work at U of C, and I CAN get there from public trans... but to do it, I would have to take a 1 hour train ride to a 30-40 min bus ride. I drive there in about 35 min.

    i have a friend that works at the same place as me but lives in the loop. (closer to where we work) She leaves her place at 530am to get there by 7am. I wake up at 530 am... and I live about 8 miles north of her.

    see what I mean about the traffic? To get to loyola you may need to take the metra (but from bucktown you will need to take a bus or another train to get to the metra stop) then another bus to get from the metra to work.

    There is a place called RTA trip planner on line. Google it. Then you enter a starting address and and ending address (or place) and it will tell you HOW to get their via only public transportation. And your estimated time. Just remember with any bus or train, you don't walk up and they are there - sometimes you can wait 5-20 min for a bus or a train to even COME. And yesterday they announced cut-backs in the train/bus service due to the budget, that means that early and late service will be limited - and frankly 7am-730pm is not normal working hours - so express buses don't run at those times....
  11. by   livingthedream
    and I don't mean to be negative, please come here and work! but I don't want you get get here and be like, OH NO, this is not what i expected at all!!
  12. by   livingthedream
    ok, I went on the trip planner, and I put in north and damen (the heart of wickerpark) and it does not seem that bad... you can walk to the blue line (ohare) which runs 24 hours a day (not all lines do) and take that to the pace bus #308 and it drops you off near the ER and you have to walk a bit from there - and that takes about 1 hour. there in another option that will be about the same time.

    website is
  13. by   RNcDreams
    Hahah it's ok, I am looking for realistic views. I used to work at a big hospital near me when I was a tech, and if I drove it took 30 mins, if I took the subway/walked to took an hour. I can appreciate both.

    I haven't found a place to live yet. My plan is to choose it once I have a job in place. Then, I can look for an apartment that is midway between where I work and where I will "play" (i.e. the city, lake, etc)

    I've done some neighborhood research. If you were working at Loyola, what areas would you consider living in that would give you a blend of city life and a tolerable commute?
  14. by   RNcDreams
    Ahhh, thank you so much! I am getting excited for the future I know I can work this out and have a great experience! Now, let's just hope I get a job offer....

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