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Hi everyone, I am hoping to relocate to the Chicago area within the next few months. I have an appointment with HR at Mount Sinai Medical Center to discuss potential employment in the next few weeks. Do any of you work... Read More

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    ok, I went on the trip planner, and I put in north and damen (the heart of wickerpark) and it does not seem that bad... you can walk to the blue line (ohare) which runs 24 hours a day (not all lines do) and take that to the pace bus #308 and it drops you off near the ER and you have to walk a bit from there - and that takes about 1 hour. there in another option that will be about the same time.

    website is

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    Hahah it's ok, I am looking for realistic views. I used to work at a big hospital near me when I was a tech, and if I drove it took 30 mins, if I took the subway/walked to took an hour. I can appreciate both.

    I haven't found a place to live yet. My plan is to choose it once I have a job in place. Then, I can look for an apartment that is midway between where I work and where I will "play" (i.e. the city, lake, etc)

    I've done some neighborhood research. If you were working at Loyola, what areas would you consider living in that would give you a blend of city life and a tolerable commute?
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    Ahhh, thank you so much! I am getting excited for the future I know I can work this out and have a great experience! Now, let's just hope I get a job offer....
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    I was a volunteer at Mt. Sinai in peds and it was a good experience. It seemed like the nurses were happy for the most part. The area is a little rough, but not the roughest. I think there is a free shuttle from the hospital to the EL station (you mentioned Metra, but that is the public transit station that goes out to the suburbs, for in-Chicago transit it would be the CTA/EL). The EL station is the California Pink Line and it is about a 5-7 minute walk from the hospital. I don't know how young and spry you are (I assume so if you want to live in Wicker Park or Bucktown), but a bike might be an opportunity. Otherwise if you live in Wicker Park you could take the Western bus (which is about half a mile from Damen and North, so again if you live in the western part of Wicker Park it would be ideal) and then walk about three blocks from the corner of Ogden and Western to Mt Sinai. I don't know what the area is like after dark, but again it can be rough. I live in Pilsen, which is the slightly more gentrified community next to where Mt Sinai is and it isn't bad at night for the most part.

    If you are young living in the suburbs could be not so much fun. But that is just my opinion.
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    Great, thanks for the information!

    I will be living in the city but further north. I plan to drive in since I will be doing night shifts.

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
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    Did you get the job?

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