direct hiring from illinois hospitals?

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    hi.. im new here... and im kay from the philippines.

    as of now, i am undergoing the ces process so i can take the nclex-rn exam for illinois.

    does anyone know of hospitals in illinois who do direct hiring? or any agency that sends nurses to illinois?

    the cost is just too much , i need someone to shoulder it for me.


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    I am a nursing student in Peoria, IL. (about 2.5 hrs southwest of Chicago.) We have a 300+ bed hospital that direct hires from the Philippines. The hospital is OSF St. Francis Medical Center. I worked with 5-6 nurses who signed a two year contract, received a bonus, and had assistance with their relocation expenses. I don't have any more information on the program.
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    thanks a lot.. do u have any tips on how i can contact them?they are the ones who pay for the fees and everything right?

    god bless
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    i wish i could be of more help, but i don't want to give you incorrect information. to find out more, i'd contact kay shank or don schultz, the osf st. francis nurse recruiters. their emails are: and the hospital's website is

    i wish i knew more about the program. i know osf first hired nurses from the philippines two years ago, and they have many nurses from your country, if it's any reflection on the success of the program. good luck, kay! let me know if there's anything else i can help you with.
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    the information uv given me is more than enough.. i've sent them an e-mail to inquire about the process...

    thank you so much.ill keep u posted on how it goes!

    god bless
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    hi kay, im also new here and from the philippines too. im planning to go to illinois too. by the way, im in manila, bout u?
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    [quote=mariz]hi kay, im also new here and from the philippines too. im planning to go to illinois too.
    hi mariz & kay, Im from the Philippines too my job offer is in Illinois.But I was the one who shoulder my expenses except for my DS230 fee. If your interested you can pm me.

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    just passed my local board last june2005. i applied for my ces and got the report already. i'm planning to apply for nclex now but should i take toefl first? how did you got the job there in illinois? can you help me find an employer also? how much did you spend? i really wanted to go to illinois
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    hi guys, m newbie here and also from the phils. i wud jaz lyk to know f anybody here has any idea f the state of illinois now accepts ielts or stil toefl? please help for m bout to apply in the illinois nclex-rn and i already have the ces but i took and passed the ielts..
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    as far as i know, it is in the illinois website that toefl is the ONLY english test they are accepting.:spin:

    anyway, i would like to ask you when u applied for your ces and how long it took? i applied for mine last october.. and i believe i have submitted all the things they require but up to now, its still not done yet.

    tc always and god bless!:angel2:

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