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Okay so I had some questions that I was hoping actual graduates of this program could help me with in regards to admission, since the answers Im tending to get from representatives at the school... Read More

  1. by   TheSquire
    Quote from durango99
    I just got accepted to the Winter 2012 cohort. I wanted inquire from you if the program is entirely writing project or there are multiple choice involved. Thanks.
    The exams are usually multiple guess, while there's a mandatory research project that you have the option of turning into a thesis. You'll have writing assignments in other classes as well.
  2. by   raverm
    First off, thanks for being so active in this thread, I've learned so much from you. I finally received my confirmation e-mail yesterday from DePaul! I'll be part of the incoming Winter 2012 cohort! I'm excited to learn again Since I'll actually be moving from Seattle, I was curious if you have any apartment recommendations (I know you previously recommended Rogers Park and Edgewater)?
  3. by   TheSquire
    I should probably note for those who see this thread in the future that I'm nearly a year out of the program, so my knowledge about specific academic policies, classes, etc for the MENP is rapidly going out-of-date.

    As for living - I still do suggest Edgewater and Rogers Park. They're both on the Red Line, which means that you have easy access to the Lincoln Park campus and many of the hospitals DePaul uses for clinicals. Other than the far NE corner of Rogers Park, the area is as safe as anyplace else on the North Side, and is much quieter at night as it serves as a "bedroom community" for those who work elsewhere in the city and the near-north burbs. Speaking of which, Evanston might be another possible place for you to look for an apartment - the suburb is served by the Purple line, which goes express between Howard and Belmont during the morning and evening rush, which is also convenient for DePaul students.

    I found my school apartment, as well as my new one, through Craigslist. However, if you're going that route to find a place to live, you really need to crash on someone's couch in the city or otherwise be in- or near-town so that you can follow-up inquiries with apartment viewings until you find a place. If your apartment-hunting visit is on a tight schedule, I'd suggest using an apartment-hunting agency, of which there are a few. They're free to use, as the landlords pay them to find new renters.

    Congrats on getting in!
  4. by   durango99
    Raverm, I am based here in Chicago. I am more than willing to provide any assistant you might need, since you are moving in from out of town. Since I am also in the 2012 Winter Cohort, it would be great to have study partners. I studied better in that settings.
  5. by   durango99
    Thanks TheSquire, I have always thought that any Masters related program would be mostly writings. That takes a huge burden off me. Thanks
  6. by   ARN88
    Hi all/graduates from DePaul MEPN program.

    I am new to this nursing forum/thread. I have a question about the MENP program in DePaul. I heard that you could continue your education as a FNP directly from MENP for another 3 semesters. Is it true? What qualification that let you do that (GPA, etc)?

    I also have a question regarding job market after finishing your MENP portion. Is it hard to find a job without experience in nursing before?

    Thank you
  7. by   pugluv
    Hey ARN88

    My friend completed the MENP program at De Paul and said a lot of her classmates secured jobs at hospitals because most are partial to De Paul students. Also, FNP programs may become obsolete soon. They are trying to eliminate FNP programs and require doctorates (DNP) for speciality.

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