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  1. Hello- I'm new to this site and I wanted to know if anyone else has applied to Depaul's MENP program for January 2013. I also want to know what the average GRE scores are for incoming classes

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  3. by   Sakura_blossom
    Quote from IDRIS325
    Hello- I'm new to this site and I wanted to know if anyone else has applied to Depaul's MENP program for January 2013. I also want to know what the average GRE scores are for incoming classesThanks
    I am finishing up my the rest of my application next week For January 2013, but my GPA waives the GRE score for me. I am going to the info session tonight though.
  4. by   al50987178
    Hi! I am new to the site too! I also hope to apply to the MENP that starts in January, but I have one more prerequisite to take in the fall (ORGO...). Is anyone else in this same boat? From looking up posts from the past, it looks like many people were waitlisted due to their prerequisite status. Does anyone know any details about possible acceptance or being waitlisted?
  5. by   sharmondepaul
    Hello there. I work in the office of graduate admission for the School of Nursing at DePaul University. The GRE is only required if an applicant's cumulative GPA from the institution where they received their bachelor's degree is below a 3.2. The review process is holistic in that the admission committee looks at all application materials when making an admission decision. This includes past academic performance, prerequisite performance, the goal statement, letters of recommendation, work, volunteer or internship experience (i.e. resume or cv) and GRE scores (if applicable).

    In response to the comment about the prerequisite courses in-progress at the time of application, the prerequisite courses do not have to be completed before the application deadline. However, all prerequisites must be completed before the start of term to which the student is applying. In some cases the applicant pool includes so many students who have completed all or most of their prereqs that the available places in that cohort are filled by these students. In that case, qualified students with fewer prerequisite courses completed may be offered admission to the following term. If the admission review committee needs more information on an applicant whose prereqs are not complete, they may defer making a decision on the application until the review period for the next available term.
  6. by   IDRIS325
    Has anyone else had problems with their Campus Connect updating? my application states that its incomplete and its been confirmed from staff that its complete.
  7. by   naysando
    Yes I had issues too. Said I was admitted- which I preceded to do the happy dance-then said I was admitted to the law program- then back to applied status : (. Maybe just give it a few days to update?
  8. by   IDRIS325
    Naysando, Thanks. Do you know when we should get notices via the mail?
  9. by   naysando
    No I'm sorry I don't : ( i would think soon though. Have you called Sarah? She was nice to speak with- she can probably help you out : )
    Good luck!

  10. by   IDRIS325
    Thanks Renee
  11. by   NDKMK
    Hi everyone, I also applied for the Winter 2013 cohort. I just got my acceptance letter in the mail today, so hopefully everyone will be hearing news soon! I can't wait to start! If anyone else has heard some good news, maybe we can start a facebook group so we can get to know one another.
  12. by   Sakura_blossom
    Congrats NDKMK! I have been accepted for the winter cohort as too! I'm soo excited! I can't wait to start!! I agree in starting a FB page Best of luck to everyone that applied!!
  13. by   Sakura_blossom
    naysando- any news on your acceptance?
  14. by   naysando
    No : ( I messed up my personal statement and then fixed it- then was deferred to apply for the winter cohort and resubmitted my transcripts but no one acknowledged me so I just figured I blew it : (. I was contacted later (way after the deadline) but I have already started my application with rush. I messed up my chances with depaul- but I wish you all the best! : )