DePaul Winter MENP 2013

  1. 0 Anyone else apply? I just mailed out my goal statement, resume and nursing pre-req worksheet. Now the waiting game begins.
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    If you get accepted, there are some professors you should avoid by all means.
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    Which professors do you recommend avoiding?
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    I just found out I got in. I also got accepted at RUSH. Any thoughts on one vs. the other?
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    Hello Steph24, I applied as well and I have not heard anything yet. I was wondering in what method were you notified about your acceptance?

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    I got my acceptance via email. I called to see if it was a mistake, since I was initially told that decisions Wouldn't go out until October. they said that they were doing a few rolling admissions. I wouldn't worry if you haven't heard anything yet.
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    I got accepted as well! I received my acceptance email yesterday and said I start this fall, but after speaking with admissions, I'm with the winter cohort I wasn't expecting to hear anything until September also. I'm so excited!
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    Hi Steph! I was considering Rush as well. I think they are both good programs. My friend is in the same boat as you and he said the biggest difference he can see between the two is that Rush is more geared towards getting a CNL cert. DePaul incorporates core courses for APN so if you choose to continue with that route, you will already be a few steps ahead. I'm not too familiar with CNL, so I can't comment on that. Hope it helps.
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    Thanks jeyelala! I am definitely leaning more towards RUSH at this point, it seems to be a better fit for me. Good luck everyone, I hope you get in!

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