Critical Care nurses in the Chicago area- please help!!!

  1. Nurses-

    I was wondering if any critical care nurses in the Chicago area could help me out. I am currently interviewing with a company and just simply trying to learn more about their products so I can gain a better understanding of the specific products and maybe even the company itself. And I figure what better way to learn more about a company or it's products, than asking the people that use those products each day?

    Do any of you have experience using

    1. Microcyn- Skin and wound care solution with preservatives- efficacy against resistant bacteria, odor and biofilm.

    2. Mastisol- Liquid adhesive for dressings and IVs, etc.

    3. Detachol- Adhesive remover

    I really just wanted to pick your brains and see if any of you have experience using any of the above products and what are your opinions, good and bad?
    Is there anything you'd improve on or change?
    Is it a great product? Or just an OK product? Why?
    Do you use other similar products, just not these particular products?

    I really just want your opinions- good and bad- anything to better help me understand these products and their uses in your daily lives.

    I would be very appreciative! This would be such a great help for me on my interview!

    Thank you ahead of time for your time and your input!
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