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HOw exactly do these work? I know you can find some in magazines and such. I also heard that you get enough through your work by doing inservices. Is this true? Any adivce is appreciated! :confused:... Read More

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    Hello all, My RN license expires May 2010, are there forms I should expect to receive before renewing or am I supposed to send the State money. No clue as to how this goes any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Does IDPR have your current address?

    I received a postcard about a week ago with instructions about how to go online and renew.

    If you haven't received a renewal notice, I would check with the IDPR website for renewal information. The deadline is in May.
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    hello everyone!

    does anybody here know which online CE providers are accredited by Illinois BON? please, kindly post the list will be very much appreciated..TIA!
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    How about if you just finished RN-BSN school? How does that work?