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My friend is looking at attending an LPN school soon and she found out about CMK's LPN program. The cost of tuition is around $15,000 and the program is for 10 months. CMK also has an agreement with Saint Xavier University to... Read More

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    yes, i inquired in the school and they offer the LPN program there. The cost is $15,000.00. There are certain prereqs before you get in the program, like pharmacology, english, math, anatomy & physiology, medical terminology and you have to be a CNA.
    I wont have a hard time waiting in line for the community college to take some of the prereqs because they offer A&P, pharmacology and Medical Terminology at their Glendale Heights location. I think their class for westmont will start Jan. 8, 2011 and the program in GH this March 2011
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    the A&P course i think is for $1,200.00
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    Quote from Chris NS
    same thing i wanna know, this is wat scarys me in what JC will accept my credits
    they will accredit your credits from CMK because i've seen alot of nursing students who took their prereqs at CMK. And also cmk is an approved school by the ISBE and Illinois Dept. of Health...
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    hey this might be a little taking this topic away but anyone going to the CMK campus for LPN, matter of fact of any of there classes they offer, it be nice to prob know someone when i go
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    just curios. has anyone looked into americare institute? here’s what i found after attending their information session.

    financial aid. they are the only private lpn school in illinois approved for pell grant and federal student loans. it’s the same financial aid available at community colleges and universities. they also offer a payment plan and sallie mae loan, and accept wia grant, g.i bill, tuition re-imbursement. their fafsa school code is 041247. look them up at the fafsa website à

    deposit. there is no deposit requirement ($0), provided i am approved for fafsa. there’s an application fee though, but that’s in every school. it is a far cry from what cmk is asking ($2,000 down and $1,300/monthly payment payable in 10 months).
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    Bryan,Americare sounds nice but they are NOTORIOUS for changing their schedules at the last minute...Just recently they changed 2 classes last minute.If someone has a job it would be hard to go to this school because your school hours will change last minute...I have 2 friends that go there and they BOTH told me that they pretty much teach themselves and the teachers show up late all the time.I also did a lil research online about this school and it did not look good.
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    "Notorious for changing their schedules at the last minute..." Don't mean to offend you but I think this is a sweeping general statement about a school. How do you know this with certain clarity? I'm sure this may have happened at what point in time. But it's not going to be always true for many more years to come...

    If you're referring to the upcoming two pre-requisite courses like the Math and English, I agree with you. They changed their schedules two weeks ago. I asked them about that because I was upset. What I found out is that they lost instructors for those courses. How? I don't know (not my business). But instead of cancelling the two classes, they found ways to offer them. Not the schedule that I'd like. But I got an explanation. That's what I wanted. I'm sure losing faculty happens to every school big and small. And Americare Institute is no exception. I got to give them some slack.

    However, their LPN lecture classes and clinicals have set schedules both morning and evening. If you attend the information session, you can ask for a sample copy. The session is free. Have you attended one? Just check it out for yourself.

    Judging from my friends who completed their LPN program at Americare Institute while working, there schedules are pretty darn flexible. I saw their web registration. You could even choose the time and place for your lecture and clinical schedules. This is rare. I don't know of any LPN or RN schools that have a system like that?

    Regarding teachers being late... I heard that rumor as well, so I asked my friends who graduated there three in December 2009 and two July 2010. I was told they have a strong policy of being on time. You can get penalized for being tardy (imagine that). I've heard, just recently, they let go of nursing faculty who were not following this policy. It sounds like the policy is applied across the board. It's fair. I'm good with that.. The school has a strong grievance policy. It's in their student handbook. In fact, you would endanger loosing your FINANCIAL AID if you don't meet the clock hours requirement. One thing I like about it is if someone has a complaint there is a documented written policy and resolutions.

    "I also did a lil research online about this school and it did not look good"
    This may sound like a cliche but don't believe everything you read online. People have different agendas. We all have different views. That's the reason I am going to great lengths to make sure that I get all my facts straight, so when someone talks to me, I know when that person is exaggerating... And I am NOT easily persuaded.
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    Bryan, you sound like advisor from Americare

    I haven't heard much good things about Americare either... Even when I was there, I didn't have such a good impression... And the total price is higher than in CMK - at that moment when I was making inquiry it was more than 18k...
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    Quote from magelan
    bryan, you sound like advisor from americare

    i haven't heard much good things about americare either... even when i was there, i didn't have such a good impression... and the total price is higher than in cmk - at that moment when i was making inquiry it was more than 18k...

    the same thing that i was thinking,but even if he is..that's cool too-i just wish that people who work at these schools could identify themselves as employees so then we could ask them questions while they are sharing in threads.

    bryan,once again i got my information from students at the opinions are not only based on things i have read online but a combination of online,research,going to the school in person,and personal accounts from people that would not lie to me.when read closely,your response just agreed with everything i stated you were just careful with your words.but, its up to everyone to find the right school for themselves and their circumstances.your school may be perfect for someone out there...i was just sharing my opinions.
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    Quote from Magelan
    Bryan, you sound like advisor from Americare

    I haven't heard much good things about Americare either... Even when I was there, I didn't have such a good impression... And the total price is higher than in CMK - at that moment when I was making inquiry it was more than 18k...

    Nice try…

    In this forum, so far, you’ve endorsed CMK a total of five times on Sept 15, 17, 20, 21. You’ve used the following sentences in describing them. From the sound of it, I thought you were related to the owner or the owner.

    • “ I would recommend this school”,
    • “[CMK] in Westmont is very nice,
    • “Everything connected with Community Colleges is wasting of time”. (Seriously?)

    Never have I used such strong endorsement like that when referring to Americare Institute.

    So tell me…

    How many private LPN schools have you visited before making your decision?

    Really, why did you choose CMK over these private schools listed below? The school has no NCLEX pass rate history. No PELL grant. No federal student loans. No accreditation. Has no graduates. Requires $2,000 deposit. And has a monthly payment of $1,300 payable in 10 months (I know I went there to inquire about their program.)

    Really, why choose them?

    Show your critical thinking skills when presenting your arguments. You need to think logically to pass NCLEX. Avoid subjective words like "nice" and "impression". Be concrete and show evidence. Convince me. Because I’m all ears.

    • CMK
    • PCCTI
    • Northwestern Institute
    • Americare Technical School
    • J’Renne
    • Omega
    • Americare Technical School
    • International Career Institute

    I'm waiting Magellan...

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