City of Chicago College - Richard Daley Nursing Program 2013 Applicants

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    Here's a thread started specifically for current, new admitted and prospective ADN nursing students for Daley!!

    I'm so excited to have been selected and I can't wait to started this Fall 2013. If anyone has any exciting news to share, please post.

    For those of whom are already in the program, how's classes being going? I heard Truman nursing program is a lot more stressful than Daley and Malcolm X, is this true?

    Good Luck to everyone else who was accepted! Hope to see and get to know you all soon : )

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    Oh and I forgot to mention.... we should all be receieving the health requirements packet via email by the end of this week. They are all due to be completed by July 1st, 2013.
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    Check your emails guys!!! I received my Offical Admission Letter with the health requirements today. So excited!!!
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    I got mine as well! Wow it's a lot to complete. Luckily, I have most of the info requested done already.
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    Did you elect for evening or day classes? I'm hoping I get into evening...Do you know if we have to attend both orientations??
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    Hey and Congrats mallen1507!!! Yes, I choose evenings. I hope I get evenings too. I wonder when are they going to assign them. But yes, both orientations are mandatory. They have the overall CCC Nursing Orientation at Malcolm X and then Daley has its own orientation. I cant wait.
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    Oh and thank you for starting this thread!!!
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    No problem. I can't wait to get started. I've heard good and bad things about the program but it doesn't matter to me. I'm a straight student and usually can tolerate any teacher who teaches. Have you completed your health requirements yet? In just about done. It was lot! I wonder how much the uniforms are. I already work in healthcare field. I hoping I could use my stethoscope and other medical equipment for the program instead of repurchasing everything....
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    I have my appointment with my doctor next week. I work in the medical field also and that is a hugh plus. I have gotten if not all but most of my vaccines already so I should not need any boosters. I cant wait til orientation. I heard they are making the uniforms unified for CCC. I have heard the same about the program, but I am determined to do this.
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    Ive been accepted into Daley also. Do you guys know if we have to take 2 separate TB test?

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