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  1. 0 Hi,

    I'm in my senior year of nursing and I'm looking to work in Chicago.

    Can anyone share what are entry-level BSN salaries for both U of Chicago and Northwestern Memorial Hospital?

    Also, are there nursing unions present at these hospitals?

    Given what I've read about both these hospitals, they seem to really invest a lot into their nursing staffs.

    Any input would be appreciated,
    Energizer Nurse
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    hi, dont quote me bc i'm not looking at my papers now, but i believe U of C starting salary is 23 (and change) for days...i dont think it matters whether you have just your RN, or your BSN as well...oh, and nurses at U of C are union.

    no clue about northwestern

    where did you read all this about U of C and Northwestern? I'm currently trying to decide whether to acc3ept a position at U of C, and I'm hesitating bc I couldn't find out so much about the culture/atmosphere...

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