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Anybody has to take HESI to be able to graduate? I am going to take it next Monday. :scrying: need 870 to pass I heard it is VERY HARD, students who took it said so, teachers were saying so... I... Read More

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    Has anyone taken the Dr. Martin Review before taking Hesi??
    What other tools has anyone used to pass Hesi?

    Thanks from your colleagues!!

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    I'm taking HESI tomorrow, I took it last year at the end of the first year and score above a 1000 but this year I'm worried.
    How long do I have to take to be able to retake the Hesi?
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    HESI Amnesty For 2005-2009 Chicago Community College Students Who Failed To Graduate

    Attention All CCC Students from 2005-2009 who didn't graduate due to HESI:

    CCC is offering amnesty until Dec. 2010, if you didn't graduate due to not passing HESI you will now be given your ADN and allowed to graduate. If you contact the nursing director at your campus before 7/10/2010 you will be allowed to graduate at no cost 8/11/2010 and be signed off so you can take the NCLEX and you can take a review at the schools cost, July 14,15, &16th so hurry and see the nursing director. There will be one more graduation in Dec. but you must RSVP with the nursing director from your campus by 9/1/2010. This is an incredible offer and it is a chance for the CCC schools to right a wrong done to many many nursing students who were wrongfully denied a chance to take NCLEX after completing their nursing program. RUN don't Walk to the nearest Chicago Community College Campus today!!

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