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Any graduates of this program? Start in the fall and curious about the school....they have no website, so word of mouth for the school is all I have. Thanks for any insight.:spin:... Read More

  1. by   Megan2478
    I am taking the TEAS exam next week at CASPN. Does anyone have any tips? Also does anyone know the required benchmarks?!
  2. by   sarahcnatolpn03
    Megan, I am taking my TEAS exam this thursday, or June 9th I guess. I have all my paperwork done for the school, physical, shots, drug screen, application, and my fafsa .. all that good stuff.. whoo that was alot. Hopefully I will do good on the TEAS and hope that I will have everything done and get accepted for the August classes. I hope you did well, wishing the same for myself. My sister-in-law is a 2010 graduate and she said just to stay focused and its not that bad, she said first quarter drags on the longest. I am used to pre-nursing here at Lakeland college which are crucial so I hope I am prepared for this program. I am traveling from Mattoon/Charleston area. Are you close to the school?
  3. by   Msre23
    Hi sarah are you in the Caspn program now?
  4. by   greata7
    Quote from Megan2478
    I am taking the TEAS exam next week at CASPN. Does anyone have any tips? Also does anyone know the required benchmarks?!
    54% on everything except science which is 42%
  5. by   greata7
    Quote from len_lor
    Hi, I am looking to enroll in CASPN for the February session. I have been reading the varying opinions about the program I would like and "updated opinion". Maybe someone that just graduated or someone currently in the program. I would also like to know about possible housing options, I'm coming from the Chicagoland area and I want to know would I be able to file for some sort of housing or take out a loan, or any other kind of option, since working doesn't seem to be an option. Please Help! I need to know if I should go ahead with the commitment.
    I'm from Chicago land area too and planning to start in Feb. Did you manage to move out there? I read that UIS offers CASPN students housing, but i don't know lot about it, I'm going to give them a call tomorrow and update you guys w detailed info on this...also you can get the cost of attendance loan which is $6400 per semester,so you are going to get $6400 two times since there are 2 semesters, but don't count on it until you finished at least 1 month that's when you are going to get the first disbursement which will be $6400 or the half of that I'm not be prepared for the first month to have some money, or to stay on the safe side 2 months....Good luck.
    if you have any questions let me know, i know its stressful
  6. by   Msre23
    There aren't any programs near u?
  7. by   greata7
    Quote from Msre23
    There aren't any programs near u?
    there are programs near me, of course, but they cost a lot more, about $22000 at a vocational school, they are usually 12-14 months and you need pre reqs: english 101, psych, medical term, computer class,A&P, cna.
  8. by   danow0429
    Hello, I'm looking to start this program in Feb 2012. I had a bad experience in the past with LLCC PN program so I'm now nervous about investing more of my money into another nursing program and was hoping a past graduate or current student could help answer my qiestions. My main question is how their testings are done. Do they give you study guides or do they just tell you ro read the chapters in the book. OR are your notes your study guide? Also, the entrance it pretty hard to pass? I'm getting the study guide just in case but was just curious. If anyone can help answer these questions, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!