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Hi. I am an undergraduate of nursing in the Philippines. I finished 3 years of bsn but I didn't finish my last year because I need to go here. Can I take the Lpn licensure immediately? What can you suggest for me to do?... Read More

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    A certified nursing assitant is an honorable profession.

    In my view, CNAs are the bedrock of patient care services in short and long- term facilities. No offense nurses. But CNAs don't often get the recognition they so highly deserve.

    Those who told you that taking a CNA program is a waste of money don't know what they're talking about...

    I'll get off my soapbox now.

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    thanks again guys... yeah thats what im thinking to be a cna first... but ill inquire for the lpn thing. but being an cna can give me a good experience that i can use. The truth is I want to be a CNA first but i was really thinking coz I don't want to waste my 3 years of bsn in the Philippines.

    Can I add you guys in fb so that I can ask you if I need advices. No one to ask for these things ^_^ Thank you very much for the replies
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    Hi guys... im back to this site again.... hmmm now im working as a cna.... im so happy cause being a cna is big stepping stone for me... I got my car and now im beginning to be independent... but i still want to be a nurse or a lpn... do u know scholarships that can help me to continue my study... what else do i need to do... please help me become a good nurse... thank you ^_^

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