Best places for new grad RN BSN to work

  1. 0 I am graduating in 3 weeks (yay!) with my BSN. I am eagerly searching for jobs in the Chicagoland area and was wondering if anyone has any opinions about hospitals in the area (good or bad). Last summer (May 2010) I was lucky enough to participate in Northwestern's Student Nurse Extern program (which was AMAZING) on the MICU and was hoping to work there after graduation but i heard they are not hiring at the moment. I want to work in a hospital unit where I will learn/perfect my clinical skills, and where people are acutally happy to work! I have worked in hospitals as a CNA where staff was constantly attacking each other and reluctant to offer a helping hand and that is something that I NEVER want to go through again. Any advice or opinoins you guys can share would be very much appreciated. How about Rush, Loyola, University of Chicago, Christ? Other hospital I may be forgetting about?
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    Congrats on your upcoming graduation!!! I just got hired at Northwestern from a friend's referral. I know they hire a lot of their own externs. If that department is not hiring, you might still be able to secure a position in another area. Good luck!
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    NMH is definitely hiring. They have a lot of applicants though, so you need to make sure your resume and cover letter are the best they can be. HR has a lot of applications to look through, and I'm sure many get filtered out.

    The ICU's have hired quite a few new grads in the last few months, so you might even be able to land your first choice.

    Good luck!
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    NMH is always hiring, but they won't consider your application if you don't have your licensure already.
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    Personally I think you should stay downstate and work with me! Lmunoz you are an amazing nurse and I wish you the best of luck on your job quest.

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