Aurora University Application Question????

  1. hi! i'm new to the site. i am looking for anyone out there that has applied to the nursing program at aurora university. i know i have to take the teas v test and also have to write an essay. can anyone give me some tips on the essay portion? what kind of an essay do they want and maybe the topic you were given. i am scheduled to take the test on january 14, 2011 and i would like to prepare as much as possible. thanks!!!
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  3. by   DennRN
    Hello, I'm sorry it has taken so long for someone to answer this post for you.
    I believe there is a confidentiality clause in the exam that would prevent me from telling you the topic. What I can tell you, is that the essay is not a monster that you will have to do battle with. It will be very easy to write since, in deciding to go to nursing school, you will have already formulated thoughts on it. Just be genuine and trust that your passion will show through.

    Aurora University School of Nursing is a small and tight-knit community. I know the people in charge of admissions, they are kind, considerate, very understanding, and will always go the extra mile. So relax, and let your caring transfer from the pencil to the page.

    Also The have recently undergone an expansion in the amount of incoming juniors, so your odds are better than ever.

    Good Luck,