Applying for SWIC Nursing Program Fall 2013

  1. Hello! I applied this year after not getting accepted last year. I wanted to see who all has applied, so we can support each other. I took my DET test today. I got 6 points which bring me up to 21 points! I'm so excited. I was on the alternate list last year with 16 points, so I'm Pretty confidant this year. Has anyone else taken their test? All that is left now is to wait for our letters.
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  3. by   RHIA2RN
    I am soooo nervous I take the DET test in the morning!!!!
  4. by   LovelyViolet
    Good luck tomorrow! I was really nervous also. The test was 2 hours and 45 minutes long. I ended up answering all the questions with 40 to spare. I found the math was easier. So I went back to double check my answers. I was able to get all 4 points in math well above the minimum requirement. That section wasn't as hard as I thought.

    Good luck again. Take your time and just breath. Hope you do well!
  5. by   chepronie
    how did you perform in your DET stacy,and how many points do you have so far? am so nervous and i hope we get accepted to the program, i have 19 points and am wondering if you guys have a glue of what might be the cut-off this year,lets keep updating each other.
  6. by   chepronie
    you are in a better position lovelyviolet with 21 points, I have 19 points and am so nervous, do you know when the school will send the acceptance letters based on how they did last year?Otherwise good luck and let us keep updating each other.
  7. by   LovelyViolet
    Hello chepronie! I don't think you need to worry. If I had scored a 4 instead of a 6, my point total would have been 19. I wasn't worried about it there. I think anything 18 and above you are getting in. With a 17 I would be a little worried. I can't remember when I got my letter last year. Class started beginning of June, I think. I believe it was late April or early may when I received my letter. Hopefully we will all get good news. I'm so happy you both responded! It will be nice to know someone on the first day, if we get in. Good luck guys!
  8. by   LovelyViolet
    A little update. I got an email saying that they have received all the necessary documents. And my file is now labeled as "complete". And they would notify me when the evaluation process is done. Ya!
  9. by   LovelyViolet
    It's April!! Hopefully the letters should be sent out in about two weeks! I can't wait.
  10. by   chepronie
    Another two weeks again, I thought they are suppose to send the letters in the first week of April, anyway lets keep updating each other.
  11. by   linzeu82
    I talked to Debbie and she said that letters are being sent out this week. We should be getting them by this weekend or early next week.
  12. by   LovelyViolet
    Thank you Linzeu! I had no idea it was this soon. I was just going off from past threads, when people said they got there's. I'm so excited now!
  13. by   chepronie
    wow, that's great, whoever will get the letter first, we will appreciate if they will share the good news. lets keep updating each other. thanks for the update.
  14. by   army mommy of three

    Letters will be send the 11th and the point cut-off was 18. (Info given to me by Mrs. Candice Rodgers) I did not make it, had 17 but still happy because Im going for my LPN at beck in July, and after that straight to SIUE for my BSN.

    I wish you all the best!!

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