Applying for licensure by endorsement MN ---> IL (aka help)

  1. Hey guys!

    I am a new RN - passed my boards in MN last January (2011). I have been working as an RN in a hospital since last Feb (2011). I would like to apply for IL licensure asap but I keep getting a busy signal at the Springfield office......Does anyone know if I need to use a different number than the 217-782-8556 one?

    Also - does it matter how long you've worked in a different state if you went to an accredited school?

    Thanks!! (lol: all nurses emogi selection)
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  3. by   MK86
    You may have found an answer already but in case not
    toward the bottom of the page is a Registered Professional Nurse by Endorsement packet that lists everything you need.

    I have experience with the busy signal annoyance. When I was trying to get my license verification from Illinois sent to Maine, I also kept getting a busy signal. Just keep calling. It is Illinois, so I figure that either most of the people working in the office are illiterate or drunk. When I did finally get through, a machine put me on hold and I listened to the Taxi theme song for 45 minutes.

    Good luck to you!
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  4. by   dreott414
    Thanks MK86! I actually got a call back from someone which was a relief - though they told me I need to send my school transcripts to the state board (which isn't on the packet anywhere - at least that I can find) I might as well just go with it and send them anyway so as to avoid any other hold ups.
    Thanks again!!
  5. by   Maliboo3905
    I am having the same trouble. I would like to talk to someone. I have my LVN in California and trying to transfer it to Illinois. I printed some instruction packet offline (Endorsement) but I would REALLY like to talk to a human to make sure I do everything correctly before I leave California and have trouble contacting my school. I am so confused. Can someone give me any advice?? Where do I start? What are all the requirements to transfer etc? HELP!
  6. by   ArtisticNurse
    Here you go, Maliboo: LPN Endorsement Packet

    I just spent my whole morning trying to call them. I hope they add more calling centers/personnel to meet the volume of applications. I am likewise trying to apply in Illinois as an RN
  7. by   Maliboo3905
    Thank you!!!!! Goodluck