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Anyone waiting to be excepted in MVCC Spring 2012

  1. 0 I am impatiently awaiting to hear if I made it into Moraine Valley's program. Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me?
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    Must have been extremely tired when I posted this because it should say"accepted" not excepted. Lol
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    Me!! Im dying to find out! How did you do on your TEAS. I am nervous about that. I scored 85 percentile.
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    I did ok. The problem with the percentile is that it includes english and reading. My math was in the 96% and science was in the 85%. I feel like I have been stalking my mailman. Good out luck. Let me know when you find out.
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    I just got my letter in the mail. I made it in!!!!
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    Congrats on your acceptance!!! I'm looking to apply for Fall 2012. How hard was it to get in? I'm thinking that have a pretty great chance since I'm in district and have all my pre- reqs. I'm just so excited to get the process going because I have wasted so much time with the City Colleges of Chicago.
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    Inspired to win,

    It really all comes down to your TEAS score. Did you go to the information meeting yet? Basically you have to pass the english and reading with a 60% or better if you don't you can't even apply. If you do pass they then take your Math and Science score calculate those together somehow and that is your score and how they rank you. Now if you have taken BIO180 (anatomy) and you got an "A" you get 3 extra points(which i personally think can take an ok score and make it a good score). I had gotten an "A" in BIO180 and gotten a 93.3% on math and 83.9% on science. From there all you do is fill out and had in your application and cross your fingers. At least that is what I did.