Anyone have any advice/knowledge about Millikin University in Decatur? Anyone have any advice/knowledge about Millikin University in Decatur? | allnurses

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Anyone have any advice/knowledge about Millikin University in Decatur?

  1. 0 I'm attending MU in the fall and just wanted to see if anyone out there knows about this school and has any advice they want to share or anything at all would be greatly appreciated!

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    Moved to IL Nursing Programs for more of a response.
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    hey, I know this was a while ago but was wondering if you are still attending MU?
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    I have worked with several MU RN/BSN grads. They have seemed pleased with the educational experiences received.

    Some people who graduated from an RN/ADN program in the same town have told me that their clinical experiences in local hospitals have told them that their ADN preparation seemed to focus more on the clinical skills versus research, leadership, etc. That is a generalization though because I've worked with both community college ADN grads and MU BSN grads.

    I would be comfortable recommending MU for a BSN program.
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    Thank you so much for your input, I got accepted into the MENP Program and was wondering if anyone knew any information on it since there is such limited information out there. I see the Nursing school in general has good reviews so that is always a good sign.
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    Where I'm from, they consider where Millikan is located, "the armpit" of IL. However, I have heard nothing but excellent things about their Nursing program! It is looked upon highly, and their masters programs are rated very desirable.

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