any programs that help pay for cna class.

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    I just received a letter in the mail for a cna class in red bud illinois. I would lik eot attend but the cost of the class is $500. Are there any programs out that will help pay for this class??

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    There's a program called WIA that will pay for various vocational programs (I talked about it in an earlier post on here somewhere). I did a search for you and found 2 WIA approved programs in Red Bud. One is for an LPN and the other for a CNA. I posted the link below. Good luck!
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    I looked at that website. What links do i select to learn about the WIA program. I am from belleville illinois- you wouldnt happen to know of anywhere near me that offers cna classes-besides SWIC.
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    A link to a description of the WIA program is below:

    However, I was only able to find 1 WIA approved CNA program for a search on Belleville and that was at SWIC Red Bud campus.

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