Any Prairie State college hopefuls for fall 2012

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    I was just wondering are there any prairie state hopefuls for 2012 out there?
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    applied for fall semester take hesi test on april 19
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    Aww thats great I also applied there and got a 86% overall on the hesi a2! I currrently have 112 in points without the hesi! How many points do you have so far?
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    Yes! I think I am going to start some classes this summer though.
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    I just took the hesi on 4/18 and got a 91%. I'm just waiting to hear what happens next.
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    can you ladies tell me any tips for getting into the program at praire staye. this is my first semesrter and while i have enough of my pre-reqs done to apply. idk if i should because by feb 2013 i think i will only have 70 points. can anyone tell me how many points they had when they got admitted to the program?
    sorry about any mispelled words' im on my ipad.
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    ill have 119 Points. sorry
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    @dw yes you have a chance I know people who got in with a 106 2011, 2010 if your above that at least a 110 you have a good chance!! Good luck!!
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    @ttaylor how many points do you have?? Do you know when we going to found out??
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    I think have 108 pts. I'm finishing up a couple of my pre-reqs right now. I heard last year that the lowest pts they accepted was 105 or 106. It's may understanding that we should be getting our letters sometime this month. I have a friend that just completed her 1st year in the program, so I'll ask her when she got her letter. I hope it's soon because this waiting is driving me crazy!!!!

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