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Just looking for anyone who has applied for AU's Nursing Program for Fall 2011.... Read More

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    I found out I was accepted to AU on Monday and I'm stoked! For NIU applicants, they have started sending out letters already. A few of my friends found out today if they were accepted or not. Good luck!!

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    Hello! Where you friends that found out about NIU nursing...NIU students?
    I was reading the threads and it said that they give slots to NIU students first and then transfers. I dont know.
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    Good luck to everyone accepted & waitlisted. I turned back my form today that I am not attending AU. It came down to cost & travel time for me.
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    Thank you! Good luck at your nursing program!
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    Well, I got an email this morning informing me that I've been waitlisted at UIC. Has anyone else heard from UIC?
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    I havent received an email from them yet
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    Hello! I received an email UIC. Sadly i was declined from the program. Has anyone else heard anything?
    Anything from NIU?
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    does anyone know when I will find out if Im off the waiting list??
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    You could find out any time between now and the week before classes start. Although, most of the movement occurs around the deposit deadline-May 2. By then they know which students will not be attending and have accepted an offer elsewhere.
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    Thank you J.Black. Im hoping to hear back sometime next week then.
    GOOD LUCK at the program you choose

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