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I would like to know if anyone has been in Ambria College for Nursing, and has graduated. They have a LPN to RN program in HoffmanEstates IL. And what is the cost?... Read More

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    i agree with amtttherera, although ambria has a high passingrate or use to have a high passing rate make it your last resort, if you absolutely cannot find any other school. my advice for people looking to get more information regarding ambria isto talk to their students and “do not listen to anyone that works for them, orbelieve anything you read here. go to ambria but don’t go on the days they havetheir info session because they normally schedule it on the days lesser students are there because of the fearof talking to the students and find out their true colors. i urge people whoare interested to go to this school to talk to their current students. my daughter goes to this school and heardhorrors on how students are being treated here, now i am on to them, doing myresearch these are the facts andopinions i have found out about ambria so far.
    1.the rn students are feeling cheated they were promised a student loan at thebeginning of the information before thesemester started. at the end of the first semester they were told by the ownerthat he never said such things, now this was after they have already spent over6000 dollars to finish the first semester and most of them felt it was to lateto turn back having already spent so much money.
    2.they were promised they could test out onclasses which they have already done in ambria, they did for pharm to reelpeople in but changed their mind in the middle of second semester at this timestudents have already spent 11000 from their own pocket. to late to turn back?i think so. but let me correct that, they still offer a test out but added moretest. a series of different test to be done in one day. their own instructor even admitted it wasimpossible to pass it. the reason was because they found that the proposed testwas compromised. this was ati which they continue to sell and use as a tool todetermine competency as of today, in fact students who dont buy their ati modules cannot proceed to the next semester also they are selling ati set for 750 dollars while the ati company is selling it for 200. i willbe posting here again if there is in fact someone who passed this test as thereare i heard many smart people in the rn program, therefore someone should atleast pass.
    3.just before the end of the second semester theywere asked to fill out admissions form “again” and were asked to leave thedates blank. suspicious? yes. although i think student who done so were stupidto comply. for the lpn program they only have 30something who applied this semester, very low than their usual number becauseof other more reliable and honestschools that are now open for lpn program. they are still the only private lpni think who offers fafsa so that’s their advantage. frankly that’s the onlything going for them.
    1.the quality of their education have greatlydeclined, this information is reflected on their nclex passing rate, which issurprising because they have added more work to students over the years butthese task had absolutely nothing to do with being a good nurse or passing thenclex. they got rid of very good instructors who have worked for them for manyyears and replaced them with lousy teachers who have no experience teaching andput them in demanding classes like medsurge
    2.i think ambria should do something to boosetheir pr, cause they seem to be one of the most hated lpn program in illinoisas shown here and rip off reports. my advice to this school is work to gaintrust and relationshiop with their students. i mean if you plan a school picnicand nobody shows up that should have hinted something. maybe allow old studentsto have some coffee too when your handing them to potential “new” students infront of them. or, maybe allow them to bring coffee in class it could come inhandy when your working 80 hrs a week to pay for your expensive fees. littlechanges like this would be appreciated by students.
    ive laid out fact and opinions if anyonehere needs information about this school i urge you to talk to their studentsand not them or advisors. i feel terrible for sending my daughter here.
    for more victims of this school there aremany non profit student advocates available to offer free legal services. goodluck searching for schools.

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    I am in the LPN program at Ambria. So far so good. I barely made it through pharm & Funda. By week 5 afer failing and gettin low score on my test I guess I learned to listen to my professors when they said you must read before class. I realized reading before class is a great help, at least I get a better understanding on what the professor is talking about. Nursing school is sooooooooooooo!!! F****in hard. The professors start off mean, ****** ,and evil, but they are doing there best to teach us, and many of us are not ready to be taught. I see the professors work hard to make sure we learn this stuff. Dec cannot get here fast enough. The adminstration is stupid they charge you $100.00 if you get caught eating food in the classroom. The school has a lot of cheating going on. It you get caught cheating you will be kicked out, if you are late for clinical you will be kicked out. I hate this school they are so F*****in strict.
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    Hello, Babyolivia1.
    How is Ambria since July? Have things improved for you? I am considering going to the school, but like many others have responded that the tuition is too freakin' high. Why? Any inside on the school would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and enjoy ur day!
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    Ambria College of Nursing is not a bad school at all as I am seeing in the posts here. i am for a fact an old student of Ambria and aware of all these complaints and issues that I read. let me tell you straight that all of these allegations are not true. yes, the school is strict, has rules and policies. To me it is just a way to train students. Yes we are all working adults and we should learn to follow rules. The policies that Ambria imposes is to foster proper training habits, to become responsible nurses. We are handling lives of no less than human like us. There can be no room for errors or shortcuts. It was tough I must admit especially for a student who struggles to balance work and study and private life. But I am proud that Ambria though getting all these bad comments and write ups, they did not bend and just continued to do what is right. I am coming back anytime soon Ambria to continue with my RN program...I heard you will be having financial aid soon! Looking forward to that!
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    i went to ambria college of nursing. the lpn-rn program is fairly new. basically the cost is around 35,000 for the RN program or more depending on the costs of your books. don't get fooled (like me) during the info session. this school means business so they try as much to be conniving and trick you about the most important information. basically every term, either u take one class or two, theres a 600 dollar lab fee (for which the lab, you will probably barely use depending on your professor and the lab is always short stocked sometimes we have to bring our own equipments from work, i mean seriously, thats 600 bucks per person, where did our money go?). Also they haven't been approved (for LPN-RN) financial aid nor student loans… so basically you have to pay out of pocket… another bad news, the worst of all is that they are not approved by THE HIGHER LEARNING COMMISSION..which means anything you take from this school WILL NOT TRANSFER because [COLOR=#1f497d]they are accredited as a TECHNICAL SCHOOL, not a post-secondary institution. yes they did get approved for BSN program but other schools such as community colleges or elite universities such as St. Francis University or St Xavier, will not accept their credits for upper nursing level courses because once again they are not accredited, they are basically still a TECHNICAL SCHOOL since they are not accredited by [/COLOR]THE HIGHER LEARNING COMMISSION. [COLOR=#1f497d]you can check it out yourself… don't waste your time w this school! if you are truly desperate, then go for it.. just don't regret it like i did! so PLEASE be careful and know the status of school you are attempting to apply and check their accreditations! [/COLOR]
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    I am not going to give you much as far as OPINIONS because everyone is different and this will not help you if you are choosing a nursing college. I will instead tell you some facts. Ambria is NOT accredited with the HLC (higher learning commission) This means that if you take a class or two or five and decide that Ambria isn't your cup of tea...You can't transfer the credits to ANY school. It also means that if you get your LPN degree and then decide you would rather pursue your degree at another RN school...too bad...YOU CAN'T! You will either have to start over as a new RN student or repeat all the LPN classes at a junior college. Consider this, if no other learning institute values the education you are receiving at Ambria why should you? If you are going to be spending thousands of dollars on an education shouldn't it be worth something at the end of the day? So, if you make the mistake of choosing this school you will be wasting time and money. PLEASE learn from my bad investment and look into other colleges. I am currently retaking all the classes I have taken at Ambria at a local junior college at 1/4 of the price. I am receiving credit I can transfer anywhere. I also have zero of the headache of worrying about unorganized schedules and odd behaving staff/professors that YOU WILL encounter at Ambria. Also, Ambria admits EVERY student that walks through its door. Ambria is only concerned with money. And, although every schools end result is being paid---Ambria isn't offering you an education worthy of its price tag. They are only concerned with your test grades because it makes their college look good so that can get more students (suckers) in the door. They do NOT care about you or your education. Work hard and obtain good enough grades so that you do not have to lower yourself to going to Ambria. Your time and money are worth more than Ambria.

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    Take it as someone who went to Ambria (formerly Americare) for their RN. Luckily I am now pursuing my RN elsewhere, but I had to start all the way from the bottom. Here is the problem with Ambria.

    They are NOT accredited by HLC, which means they are not regionally accredited. NO WHERE will they take your credits. Trust me, I looked far and wide and every single college I applied at told me NO, they will not. Aurora does accept the nursing courses from Ambria on "a conditional basis" as I was told by the admissions counselor there for the RN-BSN program, and St. Francis said the same thing, but that's all.

    I would say: go to Ambria if you are absolutely at your last resort and if you absolutely cannot get into any other nursing programs. I suppose it's fine if you don't ever plan on furthering your education past an ADN. I know they did recently become approved for a BSN, so if that's the highest you plan to go than no, it's not the worst thing in the world. But for those of us who perhaps would like to eventually pursue a graduate degree, DONT do it, you will have to start literally from scratch. Not worth it.

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