Accepted to nursing program Chicago State!! Now What? - page 2

Hi guys. I was accepted to the nursing program at Chicago State University in Chicago, now I have no clue of what to expect. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I was a nervous wreck waiting for... Read More

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    My overall GPA was 3.65. We did take the TEAS and I got a 79 on that. They do a ranking system at CSU, with the highest number being 15 which most people don't get. They account for science GPA, overall GPA, how many CSU credits you have, 2nd degree, and TEAS score. About 150 people apply each year in November and 40 are selected. You get your letter by Christmas and orientation is a week before classes start. If possible check it out. We have a 98% pass rate for the NCLEX which is higher than a lot of schools in the country. It's been really hardwork, but it is not impossible.
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    so are you saying you get extra points for having a previous degree, science g.p.a., teas - what about having all science courses completed before taking 0910 course. I only have to take nutrition class and 0910 before applying.

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