2012 Illinois Masonic Medical Center RN Residency Program

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    Hello Fellow Student Nurses!

    I was wondering if anyone has heard back from Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center (Chicago, IL) regarding acceptance into their RN Residency Program at this point in time? If you have, please share your experience here!

    Thank you,
    Illinois Student Nurse

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    I contacted ----- last week with respect to the timeline of hiring/notification. She told me that they would be calling their selected applicants for interviews "within the first few weeks of April". Everyone else who isn't selected will not be notified until after the interview and hiring process is complete with those who are chosen. I am interested to hear if anyone has gotten calls yet as well!
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    I'm wondering also!! Does anyone know what the interview process is like by the way?
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    Did all of you get the Patient profile to fill out with your application process? I didn't get it so I'm not sure if that means I'm automatically disqualified? :/
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    I didn't get one either. But I had done the patient experience survey thing back in like January when I applies for other positions with them. They only give it to you like once every 6 months. Did you do a PEP for advocate before maybe?
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    I got the PEP survey on March 17, a few days after our paperwork was all due. Still just waiting and getting restless...
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    No I don't think I have ever filled one out for advocate. Oh well I guess all I can do is wait and hope to get a call!
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    I know of two people who have gotten interviews. They were called at the end of last week.
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    That's nice!! Do u know what units they interviewed for?
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    They haven't interviewed yet, but they said they'll be interviewing with a panel of managers from the areas they preferenced.

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