2011 NCLEX Pass Rates for Illinois are Out

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    Hi Everyone:

    The 2011 NCLEX Pass Rates for Illinois has been released by the Board of Nursing. If you are in an existing program, you probably already know where your school stands. If not, feel free to browse through from the link below.

    LINK: http://nursing.illinois.gov/PDF/IlAp...es01292010.PDF

    If you're a "prospective" student looking for a school, make sure you carefully consider the NCLEX pass rate of your target school. Scores with 75% and above are pretty much solid institutions. Schools with75% and below... well... they're probably still trying to iron-out the kinks from their programs. Or, it could also be indicative that they have some serious programmatic issues.

    Use your better judgment, do your research, ask questions (lots of it).


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    Thanks so much for the info!
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    I find this VERY interesting as highly regarded institutions and programs such as Loyola (81%) and UIC (85%) scored very low indeed. My choice of program (Resurrection) had 113 out of 118 candidates passing, for a pass rate of 96%.
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    Quote from praytotheunicorn
    i find this very interesting as highly regarded institutions and programs such as loyola (81%) and uic (85%) scored very low indeed. my choice of program (resurrection) had 113 out of 118 candidates passing, for a pass rate of 96%.
    i agree with you. why are they so low? i was told that loyola nursing students have almost a 100% pass rate when i went to one of their information sessions. maybe that percentage only applies to absn student?? hmm....
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    If you look at the chart, it is broken down into masters, BSN, ADN, etc., so the 81% for Loyola is in the BSN section. No way to spin it a different way really, and here's why:

    Consider for a moment that they are telling you the truth that the Accelerated BSN has a 100% pass rate, then it stands to reason that the regular BSN there would have to have an abysmal pass rate for their overall BSN pass rate to equal an average of 81. Their regular BSN program does not have an abysmal pass rate or it would not still be going strong with a good reputation and minimal complaints. This reasoning leads me to believe they lied to you about their pass rate.

    I also like that the chart goes back a few years too, so you can see if your chosen program is always low, always high, or steadily improving.
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    Hello Hanzo, I am looking for a LPN program on the south/southwest side of Chicago. Is Northwestern in Bridgeview the same as the school you were telling us about in Skokie? I have been reading a lot of your post and they are very informative!! Thanks, Missy

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