2010 DePaul Masters Entry Cohort

  1. Hi all, I am new to allnurses. I just found out that I will be accepted into the DePaul masters entry program in 2010 and I was wondering if anyone else out there got the same great news! My question is if anyone else in the 2010 cohort or other cohorts that would like to get together and rent a house in the area! I think it could really benefit all of us if we lived together! I am a 23 year old female who is a serious student but a fun person! If anyone is interested please respond or request me as a friend on facebook! My name is Valencia Anderson and I'm in the Eastern Illinois University network. I look forward to hearing all the good news from the others out there and making new friends at DePaul!!! YAY we're gonna be NURSES!!!!

    All my best,
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  3. by   MoAta
    Hi. I just recieved an email from DePaul today that I was accepted as well into the January master's entry. I'm so excited.
  4. by   voanderson
    Congratulations!!! This is too exciting!!! So how did you decided on going to get a masters in nursing? What is your bachelors in? I am finishing my chemistry major this fall semester at EIU. I am too happy to find out that I'm going to be a nurse!!! Is DePaul your first pick... Do you live in the area? DePaul is for sure my first pick and I don't live in the area (I'm from the rural St. Louis area on the Illinois side) but my boyfriend lives in Roscoe Village so I am so happy that we won't have to be in a long distance relationship any more!!! Where were you planning on living in January... or were you thinking that far in advance yet?

  5. by   rspatel235
    Hi Valenecia, Congratulation for your acception to DePaul University. I also accepted at DePaul University for 2010 Winter Cohort. My name is Rocky. I m so excited about that program. I live in chicago I dont have any problem for living. Please let me know if you need any help. Thanks
  6. by   IGiveTheShots
    Congratulations and welcome!! I'm in the Fall 2008 cohort so I won't be around when you guys start (or are you starting in January 2010?) but I just wanted to extend my congratulations. As with any nursing program, there are a few kinks in the system, and some profs are WAY better than others, but you'll come out competent and motivated (at least I'm hoping to, haha!) Let me know if you have any questions (including for living, I have some great recommendations). I'll be glad to help!
  7. by   rspatel235
    hi Thank you very much. I dont have any problem about living accommodation because I live in chicago. Can you tell me little bit about program and job opportunities after graduation? Thank you again.
  8. by   IGiveTheShots
    I can't really tell you much about job opportunities aside from the fact that you come out with an RN, MS. The program is quarterly, and you take anywhere from 16-20 credit hours a quarter. Classes have labs and clinicals. Quarters are 10 weeks long so the pace is pretty fast. I'm not really sure what else you would like to know about it, so if you have any specific questions that may help.
  9. by   rspatel235
    Thank you very much. how many hours we have clinics and lectures, means what are time schedules in a week?
  10. by   IGiveTheShots
    You will find out when you register for classes, that will all change. Each class is usually 1 day per week and range from 3 to 4 hours long (you will have 3 -4 classes, for a total of 12-16 hours of class a week, plus lab hours that might be 4 hours long). Clinicals start out as 5 hours/wk 1 day a week, then as you progress in the program they lengthen to 8 hours, then 12 hours/wk 1 day a week, and at the end you do an internship of a total of 160 hours in 5 weeks (so approx. 36 hour/week).
  11. by   rspatel235
    Thank you very much. we have orientation on 23 october. I donot know when we have to register class. Do you know about credit transfer because I already studied Pharmacology, physiology and biostatistics in my bachelor degree.? Thank you
  12. by   IGiveTheShots
    No credits will be transferred unfortunately. Our curriculum prepares you for the NCLEX, even if you may have covered some of the material. Just think of it as an easy A!
  13. by   rspatel235
    Thank you I got good information from you. R u doing specialization ? Where r u in the program? I m considered as international student SO I am not eligible for FAFSA. This program is very expensive for me because I have to pay all full fees. So I m worry about job opportunities after this program. Thanks.
  14. by   voanderson

    I also was wondering about working. My FAFSA covers most of it but I have to pay for my living expenses so I was wondering how hard it was for you to work while doing the program. Is it possible or is it waaaaaay to overwhelming? Also, what is the best area to live in. I really want to live in Lincoln Park but it seems like the prices are really high and the availability of places is low. Would it be better to live in Roscoe Village or Lakeview?


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