What college should I go to for my BSN?

  1. HI! I live in North Idaho (sandpoint, right by Cour D'Alene) and am currently taking my pre classes. I want to go for my BSN eventually, But NIC doesn't offer that degree. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me of any college that would be good for me to go to that offers a BSN. If any one could tell me of a good out of state college ( like oregon, or California) that would be great too. I don't really want to stay up here any longer to much snow
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  3. by   Johnathon
    I'm currently looking at Boise State University's online RN-BSN completion program. All courses are offered online, and full time students can complete it in one year. The great thing is, if they fully accept your ADN degree, you will not have to complete a bunch of prereqs, just the core nursing classes for your BSN. Hope this helps!
  4. by   Practicalone
    ISU in Pocatello has a good BSN program and the RN to BSN at BSU is from what I understand acutally through ISU. Thats what I've heard. If you already have your ADRN, then try for BSU. Another thought is if you have your LPN or ADRN, Indiana State University has a online bridge to BSN program.
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  5. by   Murse3
    I graduated from ISU in Pocatello last December and felt I was prepared well to enter the nursing field. They currently accept around 70 new students each Nov. with apps due in mid-Sep. and the program 5 semester in length. The BSU RN to BSN is through ISU from what I understand also. At a job fair I went to while in school, reps from facilities throughout So. Idaho said they hands-down prefer ISU grads in most cases. I would highly recommend checking ISU out. www.isu.edu

    P.S. ISU's BSN program usu. has a mid to high 90s first-time pass rate on the NCLEX-RN.
  6. by   Mr. & Mrs. RN
    LCSC (lewiston) has a good program. I hated it, but I'm glad I chose it.

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