Graduating soon! Need advice please!

  1. I will be graduating this December with my RN. We have been planning to move to Boise for the last two years and are getting excited about it! We are planning on buying a home in Meridian. We have 2 elementary school kiddos.
    We always make a trip to Boise and McCall in the summer, but this year I want to use that vacation to look into hospitals. Any advice you can give me on how to go about meeting with recruiters and which hospitals are a good match for new grads.
    Here's the problem. I really, really don't care for med/surg. I am in my Peds/OB rotation now and found that PP and L&D are where I am really going to be looking to work. Do any of the hospitals hire new grads in either of these areas?
    Last questions...Are the hospitals experiencing nursing shortages, any hire on bonuses still being offered, and what time of year do they hire on new grads (I know some places only hire at certain times)?
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  3. by   tobycoop
    I know it's been a while since you've asked your question but here it goes...I am a nursing student in the Boise area so my experience is still limited. BUT, I know there is a nursing shortage here and there are some sign on bonuses and moving expenses covered. St. Al's and St. Lukes are the 2 main large hospitals and both have their websites with jobs if you'd like to research. There isn't a specific time they hire new grads...looks like it's constant. My suggestion would be to call both places and ask if they hire new grads into L&D areas (I'm pretty sure they do).

    Good luck with the move. How exciting!
  4. by   Race Mom
    Thanks! I have checked out their websites and never saw anything for L&D/PP, but I did get in touch with a recruiter at St. Lukes and they sent me their new grad package with all their info. They do hire into the areas that I am interested in! We are so excited to finally get out there! I would have moved sooner, and applied to the BSU program, but they don't accept the Western Exchange Program in the Nursing Program (due to high applicants), so I would have had to pay out of state tuition. But, I'm almost done, and it was worth the wait!