Carrington - LPN, then LPN to RN?

  1. I am still in the consideration phase of going back to college. Have been for two years now. I'm 23 and need to figure something out. I went to Apollo (now Carrington) for Massage Therapy and graduated in 2007 with a 3.4 GPA. However, I have not been able to use that certificate and am thinking that maybe Massage was more of a fantasy. I have always been interested in Nursing.

    Since Carrington is accredited for LPN, I don't see anything wrong with going there for that. However, RN is not yet. Maybe in 2012?

    Also, what is even MORE important, is these talks of making nurses require a Bachelors degree in nursing to be able to be licensed. What's up with this? Any info on it?

    Also, we plan to move to Portland after I am done with school and have some experience under my belt.
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  3. by   ana419
    hi. do you know if carrington in portland offers an adn program? i am currently an lpn and would like to get my adn (at the least) then move forward with my bsn. please provide me with any info, if possible and it will be greatly appreciated.
  4. by   uRabbit
    You can go to Carrington's web site and find all the info you need.

    However, since posting this thread, I have decided very heavily in favour of going to a REAL university. Here, it is $22,000 for your LPN, $19,000 for your RN bridge. Ridiculous! And even if you qualify for all of the assistance, you will still have to take loans and pay them back.

    Going through the traditional BSN program and a well-standing university (Boise State - very competitive program), I will only end up owing about $8,000 at the end of my 5 years.
  5. by   ana419
    That's true. The only problem is that there are huge waiting lists or you can only take one class a semester, which makes it harder and longer. I'd rather just pay then get a job and pay off the loan. Do you know off any prive colleges that offer part time adn or bsn in oregon so i can continue to work full time???
    I appreciate all your help
  6. by   uRabbit
    I will be working full-time as the soul provide for my wife and baby, and going to school full-time. I did it once before while single, I can do it again.

    I am not sure in your case, but when I was looking into RN bridge programs in and around Portland, I believe Walla-Walla's Portland campus had a program.

    Just Google 'LPN to RN program Portland'.

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