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  1. Hi there,
    My military husband recently got orders to Idaho, we'll be heading there in 10 weeks give or take. I'm checking out the LPN & RN programs in the area and finding that the waiting lists are pretty obscene. I just started checking out Apollo. Does anyone know anything about this (besides the fact that it's very expensive- that I already know). Is it true that they don't require pre-req's? I read somewhere on here that they can be taken concurrently. I do have a Bachelor's, but it's in Education so I am missing most of the sciences etc. Is there a waiting list, and does anyone know how often the program starts and the start dates? Thanks so much for any info!
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  3. by   funlovincutie
    Hi there and welcome to ID!!! I can tell you that there are quite a few programs available in the area. Apollo College is one, there is also Boise State University. Idaho State University has a "fast track" program for people who already have a bachelor's degree in another field and they have a distance campus in Boise. There is Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa and also Treasure Valley Community College with a campus now in Caldwell. Also if you happen to be stationed in Mountain Home there is College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls which is about as far as Boise but going East bound. Good luck.
  4. by   eurolpn2007
    I'll be watching this post too ! We arrive in Mountain Home during the first 2 weeks in July sometime. I also have a prior BS degree, but need to finish up my RN degree somewhere. I'm researching the colleges that were listed above.

    Are you guys planning to buy a home in Mtn. Home or living on base? We are undecided, and plan on waiting until we get there. If we end up at the same school, please let me know if you want to carpool !! I'm dreading the driving that I know I'll have to do to either Boise, Twin Falls or Pocatello. The program in Pocatello is mostly online, but requires 2 days of "on campus" training a month...so I've been told. It may only be for LPN's though...I'll have to check..

    Good Luck !!
  5. by   CaitRN2be
    Hi Tricia,

    I hope we both end up going, how great would it be to have a carpool buddy? I've heard the stretch in between Boise and Mt. Home is terrible in the winter. We are going to live on base if we get offered the brand new housing. Have you seen it?? It's nicer then ANY housing I have ever seen on an Air Force base, and it's nicer then a lot of the homes in the area off base. Let me know if you want to see the email of pics the housing office sent me.

    I'm really looking forward to getting there. It was our number one pick. As far as nursing goes- I'm really depending on Apollo. Because I just finished a BA and not a BS, I have little to none of the science pre-req's needed for most courses.

    I really hope I get in right away- I'll be taking the Compass the 1st week of July & applying for an October start.
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  6. by   eurolpn2007
    Do you have a link to the Apollo/Boise branch? I saw their generic apollo page, but couldn't find any prereqs listed. Is it really 25,000.00 for the program? Also, how many days a week do we need to be in Boise? I'm just trying to prepare myself...LOL I don't qualify for financial aid anymore, so I'll be doing the student loan thing again...Their program starts in October? I have alot or prereqs already, but need microbiology and maybe another anatomy credit. Alot of my stuff is over 10 years old, so we'll see what they take. Did you talk to a certain person at Apollo? I had pretty much decided to just get an LPN job when I got there, and wait to go back to school, but maybe I'll just try to jump back into it...Are all of their spots filled?

    Oh, I'd love to see the new housing pictures...That would be great. I think we will end up doing the same thing. We are over in germany right now, and I'm sooooo ready to get back to the States.

    Sorry for all of the questions...My folks are coming over for the month of May, and then we pack up in June, so I'm trying to get as much done ahead of time...You know how that is.. are you in Maine now??

    OH, my home email is bonolover2004@yahoo.com if you just want to write me there.....Don't laugh...I used to be a HUGE U2 fan....hence the bono lover part...Ha

  7. by   CaitRN2be
    Hey Tricia,
    The LPN program is $25,000. What you would need- the bridge program- is only $8,000. Boise doesn't have a special page- program info can't be found online, you have to call. I can't remember who I spoke to but, they will answer your questions. And it's true that the only thing you need is a HS diploma, and for the bridge program an LPN license. If you've got some pre reqs done, then the program will be a little shorter for you.

    And nope- Spots can't possibly be filled because they don't start enrolling for October until June 17th. I was told if I get in there right away after we move and take ( and pass, obviously) the compass, I should be good to go.

    Actually we're in Japan right now, we've been stationed @ Kadena for 3 years. We're outta here May 31st! (Taking 30 days vaca en route to Idaho though).

    Email on the way!
  8. by   a_nursing_girl
    Question! So, I am a CSI nursing student who has finished half of the program. I HATE it with a passion and am looking to transfer to something different such as Apollo college in Boise. I have all my pre reqs done for RN and 50% of a program completed and an associate's in applied science. Does anyone know if this effects the prices and length of finishing the RN program? Thanks so much!