Some questions on HBO chambers

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    Dear Friends,

    I'm working on a monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The problem I have is that I do not know some details and protocols about this and in the codes, standards, and other references I have not found them. Now would you please help me with these items:

    1- The range of humidity ratio allowable
    2- The maximum and minimum flow rate of oxygen in the chamber
    3- The necessity of a fire-extinguishing system for inside the chamber
    4- The maximum oxygen pressure required (3 ATA or 6 ATA?)
    5- The maximum air pressure required (3 ATA or 6 ATA?)
    6- I have studied the ASME codes and my impression was that if you move a bit the oxygen will ignite! It seems to be a very dangerous thing. What is your experience? How much is the risk?

    Thank you very much,
    Feras Hakkak
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    You need to build up your reference library. One book I would suggest is the Hyperbaric Nursing textbook that was published last year. Also would suggest the UHMS Committee report.