This LPN desperately wants to work hospice...

  1. I have been working in acute care on a busy Med/Surg-Tele floor since January. Although I do enjoy it, my real passion is hospice. I want to work in a hospice facility very badly. I think it is right up my alley. How much experience should I gather in acute care before I start applying for hospice again? I had one phone interview before the interviewer said "Oh, you're an LPN. Nevermind." then hung up. (How rude; did she not read my resume?)

    Here's the catch. I'm 12 weeks pregnant. What's my best bet? Stay where I am at until after the baby is born, or start looking now? The steady benefits and paycheck that I currently get is good. Hospice around here starts better though.

    Oh, and I'm getting my RN after baby is born. I have all of my pre-reqs except micro. ew.
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  3. by   westieluv
    I'm not sure how universal it is, but I know that both of the hospices that I have worked for no longer hire LPNs either. In fact, in our state an LPN cannot legally pronounce a patient.

    Based on all of the information in your post, it sounds like you may have to wait until you are an RN to work in hospice. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the hospice nurse help wanted ads, at least in my area, either require or prefer home care or hospice experience, so maybe while you are waiting to work in hospice you could do some home care nursing? It isn't hospice experience, per se, but it might look better on a resume' to have some field nursing experience as opposed to acute care.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your impending new addition.
  4. by   momof2guys
    I agree you should get your RN. Some companies hire LPNs to work on continuous/crisis care cases only, RNs carry the bulk load of the work. Congrats on your little one and good luck.
  5. by   autbot4500
    Thank you both.
  6. by   Hospice101
    All hope is not lost. With an LPN, you can be a provider on continuous care cases. The key is to find a large hospice provider, they do hire LPN's.