Question About the Certification Exam

  1. Earlier this evening I purchased and completed the online self-assessment practice exam that is available on the HPNA website and is made up of questions from previous exams. Without preparing or studying, I got an 86% overall. Because of this, I feel more confident about passing the certification exam so I signed up to take it on June 7. I ordered a study book off of Amazon and plan to study before the exam, of course, but since I did so well on the self-assessment and it is made up of exam questions, between that and the study book, do those of you who are certified think that I should be able to pass? My employer will reimburse me for most of the $395 (!!!!) cost to take the exam...if I PASS. Now I'm getting a little nervous.

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  3. by   hospicernsrgr8t
    I just took the CHPN exam this past Friday. I studied for about two weeks in the evening for an hour or two. I brushed up on some things that we do not see in this region much (i.e. HIV/AIDS and some cultural things) and reviewed the drug conversions and calculations for opiods. I felt that the test was pretty easy and scored and 87%. I wouldn't stress it too much, that is half the battle of testing. Good luck!
  4. by   westieluv
    Thank you, that's encouraging!

    I have almost three months to study, so I think that if I start now and don't stress, just study on a regular basis, I'll probably be okay. It's just that some of the posts on this forum make it sound awful so I was a bit worried.

    Thanks again.
  5. by   Zee_RN
    I'm registered for the exam on June 8. The only thing I'm worried about is opioid-equivalent equations and such. I've never done that stuff. How much should I worry? And what is the BEST resource for studying? I have the Core Curriculum and I read it through but wasn't terribly impressed with it (typos and other errors, like duplicating a chapter). I took and passed the online $35 practice exam. Hints, help?