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  1. Hey Everyone! So I've been an LVN for 4 years and I have background as a Charge nurse in LTC for 2 1/2 years...and then I moved to working to Hospice and I've been doing that for some time now ( 1 1/2 years). I work as Intensive comfort care LVN and will do home visits from time to time to help the RNs that have too much on their plate...Well, I also finally graduated with my BSN in May and took my NCLEX RN in July and PASSED!! So now, I've been given the daunting task of finding a job as new RN. I tried to apply to my Hospice company, but my manager said I needed more experience I felt so disappointed because I thought my 4 years of LVN experience would count for something, but apparently NOT! Sigh, I REALLY LOVE hospice so I was very disappointed being told that I would need to go get more experience before they would take me. Anyways, I didn't give up and I was looking around online at postings and I found a posting about being a RN Hospice Liaison for a different company and I applied and I have an interview next week!! I'm SO excited because I love hospice and its philosophy so much! I was wondering if anybody had any tips for the interview????? Or if there are other Hospice Liaisons who have tips?
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    You do realize that is a marketing position. You will have a quota and be doing evaluations and getting people to sign up for hospice, being an RN you will probably be having to do the admissions also. You will be expected to get so many people signed up a month. Some are assigned to a hospital and when something comes in, you are already there and expected to jump on it, others have to go around to nursing homes and Doctors offices and talk to them and get them to refer patients to you.

    Make sure you know what this job is about before taking it on, but It may get your feet in the door. It is a shame your hospice company didn't take you employment there as experience. We had several LVNs work as crisis care nurses and one CNA, and came on as case managers after getting their RN. One LVN didn't work out, but the CNA/to RN is still with us and doing well.

    Good Luck, South Texas is always looking for hospice nurses!!