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Does your hospice use LPN's? The hospice I work for doesn't. Im wondering how we could utilize them since they can't assess for death?? We have 2 fulltime RN case mgrs that work mon-fri and take... Read More

  1. by   sclpn
    Since my original post we have hired an lpn and she has been a godsend. She helps with on call with an rn backup for deaths, she can work as the cna in the field and fill in as the aide or assist the nurse in the inpatient unit
  2. by   Nwt143
    My goal- difficult to find ANY hospice position for an LPN without experience - even with is a struggle - understandably .
  3. by   Nwt143
    I remember my homecare patient on hospice I had to wait at least an hour for an RN to come pronounce him-
  4. by   grobins
    I'm a hospice LVN and work for part of a nationwide hospice and palliative care organization. I do supplemental visits - any visits a RNCM may need done, but is unable to do due to schedule conflict, daily workload, etc. I also do continuous/crisis care, and attend pt death. Though LVNs can't pronounce on their own, we can call the pt's physician reporting complete absence of vital signs, and get "ok" to pronounce - - physician's pronouncement/official TOD.
  5. by   Nurse_Diane
    I work for a large (for-profit) hospice in the midwest. Our LPNs are invaluable- they do everything except admissions, case management, and pronounce death. We are lucky to have them. Many work after hours/on-call, but always with another RN.
  6. by   kfactor
    I am an LPN and certified - and btw any LPN who is working in hospice should definitely take the exam. I work for a mid size hospice (census 175) as a Transitions Coordinator (managing people before and after hospice). There is only 1 LPN working in our hospice and over a dozen RNs. However I struggle with the complete lack of respect that I get as an LPN. The other Transitions Coordinator is an RN and despite my training her and having more experience the fact that I "only have an LPN" plagues me. The role entails a lot but now that they want us to admit people to hospice I am really stuck. I am wondering if location is key with my struggle for respect. I live in MD (DC suburbs). I try to work on my self esteem but my supervisor seems to need to mention regularly as well. I am blown away to learn that so many hospices use LPNs!! Our LPN does a lot and she is excellent clinically but she is trying to get an RN. If she left I suspect they will not be open to another LPN. I do not want to be discouraging but it seems important to evaluate where you live as well as the organizations culture!