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I am about to become a home hospice nurse....

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I did my 1st day of training in the office a couple of days ago...saw the death and dying and what hospice is videos. I am also set up for 3 shifts of training with another nurse who has been in hospice for over a year. To be honest, I am still not sure this will be for me. I know, I will be good...I have been in hh for 2 years and have learned a great deal about the psychology of families in homecare but not death..which i know is a whole different thing but what I am saying is...

    i am compassionate, have learned to not take things personally from a family in hh. This decision forces me to face my fear of what death means to me(yes I have lost my parents and siblings)and death still stresses me out..I am not a big acceptor of it..lol is anyone? I mean my husband who was brought up Catholic has absolutely no fear of death, he says when it's his time..it's his time or anyone else's. I wish I could feel this comfortable with death..although, I am doing alot of reading and I am glad I facing my fear.

    IMPORTANT-I would NEVER relay my fears to the patient or the family..I have worked with dying patients in the hospital and i did very well, so that is not a concern. I guess I am a little worried about me being able to handle 2-3 shifts of 13 hour shifts in which I am the only nurse...will it take a toll on me? will I be a good hospice nurse? I am going to give it all I can and I look forward to this area of nursing helping me to grow and face my fears...I think that is what I love and what i fear about nursing...I really want to be to help the patient and their families make this transition in life to death as how can i say?...as best i can to handle help with their loved one with their physical needs as well as spiritual needs if needed...

    my personality is one where i can step up for my patient if needed but I am not one to try and take over any situation unless that is what the family would need or want...I am on the quiet side and can take ques from patient on how much they need or want me to be involved if that makes sense...anyway, thanks for letting me get some things out here and I look forward to any comments, suggestions, tips from you seasoned hospice nurses. Also, i will try and keep everyone updated on my journey and if this type of nursing is for me at all...

    Peace and love...mj:-)
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