How it is to be the hospice nurse?

  1. Hi all!
    I am a health psychology student for City University London. Palliative care is the area of my interests. Now I decided to focus my study on the hospice staff. It's a very challenging job and only the people, who already work there, know it for sure. I believe also, that it is a very interesting position with unique experience. I know it, because I use to work in a hospice as a volunteer.
    If anyone wants to share your experience with me and participate in my research, please, please contact me. You can make a big contribution in a health psychology and draw an attention to the hospice staff needs. Please don't hesitate, every experience counts!

    My name is Svetlana. E-mail me:

    It's only because I'm based in London you preferably (but not necessary) should be in London, or not far away from it.
    Looking forward to hear from you!!