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Currently, I am a nursing student. But, between experiences in a clinical setting as well as my own personal life, I feel like I want to be a hospice nurse. Does anybody have any advice for me... Read More

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    Equestrian, i am so thankful for you and nurses like you, the ones with a heart! far too often have i encountered nurses who do not want to get their hands dirty, do not want to be bothered, just put their hous in and do as little as possible - they went into nursing for the pay; probably realized at some point it is not at all what they expected and caring has never been their strong suit to begin...

    so to all who want to go into the hospice field, if you do not care more about the patients than yourself it is not for you - oh and you must find a balance as well, so you do not drain yourself in a short time!
    FlufferNutter, your heart is in the right place, go follow your heart

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    Because I've never been happier in a job.

    Because even though I may dislike some of the things my company does, I still love what I do.

    Because I never get mad when I am feeling emotionally drained, physically exhausted, or overwhelmed....because I will feel all those things in a different job/specialty, but will I still love what I do?
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    You know when ANY JOB is" right for me"......when you don't have to ask yourself that question. ..

    When don't see your" job" as a" job"

    And when you look forward to going to work everyday....

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