Hospice Certification exam - page 2

Going to take the exam soon. Can anyone who has recently taken this exam and passed recommend books to study from? any and all help very much appreciated Thanks in advance... Read More

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    1. bummer!! so close but too far!
    2. hey, sorry about the red.
    3. cannot get out of it!
    4. you can pass it for sure after all your experience with it first time around.
    5. i know what you mean about the strange questions like cord compression. i think we had the same test! superior vena cava syndrome i have actually dealt with.
    6. the very best of luck next time. i think for me the test questions in the prep book helped the most.....pf

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    hey, thanks for the support. I am hammering away on that study question book and everything else I have. Thanks again.
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    I got a 96 and had more questions on Oncologic emergencies and generic meds along with hospice eligibility. What did you use as a study guide. I used the core curriculum but most questions were around home care patients. If you want to study for retake drop me a line at areasontocare@live.com.
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    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!! I have taken the chpna test twice didn't do well with them. I study my heart out always second guess myself any advice how i can do better on the exma the next time i take it?
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    Hi Dottie060,

    I retook it and got a 94 the 2nd time with twice as much studying. If you want to study together to retake let me know.

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